Since the very beginning, our ever-evolving battle platform has brought real utility to NFT’s by assigning them stats, throwing them in an arena and letting them duel. Now that’s cool and all, but everyone could tell that something was missing…

That something is play to earn!

The team at Block…

Adapt and survive is the name of the game. The only way to play is to keep evolving! One of the best ways to evolve as a business is creating partnerships. They are a solid tool that creates solid opportunities for both parties to learn and grow together and to…

Block Duelers!

It has been a heck of a week in the crypto-verse but brace yourselves and stay with us for the long haul!

To start this week off we airdropped a special OG GWEI NFT to the people that staked 10+ BDT for the month of March AND the…

Block Duelers!

This Monday (May 24th), we will be airdropping a special OG prototype GWEI to the people that staked 10+ BDT for the month of March!

We will ALSO be airdropping the original GWEI NFT to 25 random wallets that qualified for the staking airdrop.

To top it off, we are also sending out our first LOD NFT.

This drop is exclusive to League Of Duelers, elite members that held a minimum of 50 BDT for at least 30 days!

To join the LOD telegram chat, and be eligible for the next exclusive drops, please click the link directly below!

Visit our site :

Join us on Telegram :

Follow us on Twitter:

This is a complete walk-through of how to navigate through the Block Duelers platform and play the game. At the end of this article we will also have a FAQ. Please keep in mind that this article will evolve as the platform does.

If you are new to crypto, please…

Article written by Garrett Blakeslee — BlockDuelers CEO


This is a free-flow roadmap and will change over time. As progress is completed, we will update the community via structured medium articles.

KOL (Influencer) series kick-off
Q1 2021 -Release Castillo & Income sharks NFTs (DONE)
Q2 2021 -Friday Night Fights start (PLANNING)

Mobile game development starts by Gameloft
Q1 2021…

We will be starting our KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Series this Friday with a bracket-style tournament!

Our first two KOL fighters will be…

INCOME SHARKS (101,000+ followers) and CASTILLO TRADING (15,900+ followers)

To see the full animation cards, you will have to wait until they are released into the loot…

Article written by Garrett Blakeslee — BlockDuelers CEO

Block Duelers!

Last Friday we had a successful release of our MVP platform.

It was a hectic but nonetheless, spectacular launch! Since then, we’ve seen users redeem thousands of our lootbox NFTs, transfer millions of DC from ETH to BSC, and hosted thousands of duels on our platform…

As we…

Our team has has dedicated the last 4 months of their lives to ensure yesterday’s successful launch. As such, we feel a need to compensate them for a job well done and reward them for their efforts.

We will be distributing 1,000 team tokens amongst team members. We feel as…

This article was written by Omar Abdelfattah, blockchain solutions architect and founder of Echelon Digital; a full service blockchain consulting firm. Omar is an advisor and business development manager for the BlockDuelers project.

After four long months of hard work, we’re proud to announce that BlockDuelers is now live on…

Block Duelers NFT BATTLES

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