BlockDuelers Community Update

This article was written by Omar Abdelfattah, blockchain solutions architect and founder of Echelon Digital; a full service blockchain consulting firm. Omar is an advisor and business development manager for the BlockDuelers project.

Binance Smart Chain

In the crypto space, gas fees seem to be the talk of the town. As Defi (Decentralized Finance) applications gain traction, gas fees used to power the Ethereum network start to rise. This makes transactions extremely expensive and Defi applications almost impractical.

At the peak of the 2017 bull run, leading blockchain-based game CryptoKitties encountered this same issue. Users didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars per transaction in order to play a game on the blockchain. Eventually, this led to users leaving the platform until gas fees settled down.

At BlockDuelers, we’ve integrated a layer two solution in order to prevent this same issue from happening. Layer two solutions help scale blockchain transaction capacity while retaining the distributed nature of the base protocol. We’ve decided to go forth with integrating our platform onto Binance Smart Chain. This allows for the game to run at less than 1% of the transaction fees that would otherwise exist if we deployed directly on the Ethereum mainnet.

Other projects and platforms are following suit as BSC daily transactions just overtook Ethereum transactions earlier this month. Layer two solutions will allow for mainstream adoption of Defi protocols and applications. Below you can find BSC vs ETH daily transaction data.

Development Updates

Battle Platform

Our dueling platform interface is now complete with full deployment set to be ready in the next week! This blockchain-based game will be the first of a kind to be integrated onto Binance Smart Chain. Duelers will be able to battle NFTs from all platforms against one another in the battle arena and transact entirely on BSC.

NFT Marketplace

The BlockDuelers NFT marketplace is now functionally complete and is undergoing thorough testing. Once deployed, you’ll be able to buy and sell your NFTs directly on our platform without having to go through a third party vendor like OpenSea or Rarible. This allows our platform to be a one-stop shop for NFTs where users can duel their NFTs, upgrade them, and trade them without ever having to leave our website.


The user profile page UI is complete and is currently being tweaked. This page will give the user information on NFT stats, battle history, and list of NFTs associated with the account. A snapshot of the current profile design can be found below.


NFT Creation Competition

Our Creation competition has come to an end. We asked the community to submit their original art on twitter and you guys sure did deliver. The winners are as follows.

First place and Grind Prize winner!

This winner will have their original art turned into an NFT to be used on our platform as well as receive 10 BDT tokens. Congrats to Drawing ByZ

He will also receive one of our extremely rare Physical NFTs created by the ZUT team and embedded with one of their NFC chips that are linkable to the blockchain!

Second Place

Our second place winner will be receiving a free BlockDuelers NFT as well as 5 BDT. Congrats to dropbear_dad

Third Place

Our third place winner will be receiving 10 BDT. Congrats to ErnieNFT

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