Block Duelers NFT BATTLES
7 min readMay 13, 2021


This is a complete walk-through of how to navigate through the Block Duelers platform and play the game. At the end of this article we will also have a FAQ. Please keep in mind that this article will evolve as the platform does.

If you are new to crypto, please go to the following webpage to setup MetaMask and make your first crypto purchase:

In order to purchase, redeem and duel on the platform, you need to add Binance Smart Chain to your MetaMask wallet.

1.) Open MetaMask and switch the connected blockchain by clicking on the tab saying Main Ethereum Network
2.) Scroll down until you find Custom RPC
3.) Enter the BSC mainnet details as follow and then click SAVE

You have now connected to the BSC mainnet with your MetaMask Wallet!

After you add the Binance Smart Chain network, you’ll need to add the official Binance Smart Chain Block Duelers (BDT Token) contract on the BSC network by pressing “add token” and selecting the “custom token” option and adding our contract address; 0x286a61a9B193F1b92d3A0FaB4Fd16028786273f3

Currently there are two places that you can buy BDT.

ETH BDT CONTRACT: 0x7bce667ef12023dc5f8577d015a2f09d99a5ef58

Pancake Swap: BSC NETWORK
BSC BDT CONTRACT: 0x286a61a9b193f1b92d3a0fab4fd16028786273f3

If you want to purchase BDT on the ETHEREUM network and want to stake on the BSC network, you will have to use the BDT bridge to send them across:

After the page loads please watch the following video and follow the steps carefully:

Please note, to fund the bridge transfer you will pay a fee in BDT that is the equivalent to the current GAS cost of 1 Uniswap trade.

To stake your BDT on the Block Duelers platform go to and click on the BSC network.

Adding LP
To add Liquidity on Pancakeswap, click the “Provide Liquidity” button on the top right of the page.

You’ll be redirected to the Pancakeswap website where you will be able to provide liquidity

Make sure to select “V2” and provide the liquidity in the amount of BUSD and BDT desired.

Once completed, add the Cake-LP token address to your MetaMask wallet on Binance Smart Chain. The address is : 0xd8311eff6ed41e6c7a2d2128a05dd0d98b7e5484

You are now earning a portion of the transaction fees on PancakeSwap AND can stake your Cake-LP tokens on our website to earn even more Duelers Credits!

BDT: 0x286a61a9b193f1b92d3a0fab4fd16028786273f3
DC: 0x7990ad6dBE9bCE17Ed91E72B30899b77a415f6CC
BDT Staking: 0xCc4A255E04a299EEa88Eb3a670900b468da3f50B
LP Staking: 0xD4002E0426Aaf6F8dfafedd64F39F0e72e13649D
LP Token: 0xd8311eff6ed41e6c7a2d2128a05dd0d98b7e5484
Battle Contract: 0xBb0a950a0803C3cAA5Fb26E265b3B78d5c054551
PancakeSwap Trading Pair:

  1. ) Connect your MetaMask wallet
    2.) Switch your MetaMask network to BSC
    3.) Click on the CONNECT button on the STAKE BDT box or CONNECT on the BUSD-BDT-LP box.
    4.) Click STAKE,type in how much you want to stake and then click CONFIRM

If you decided to stake on the ETHEREUM network, you will need to use the Duelers Credits bridge to send them to the BSC network in order to interact with the platform.

1.) Go to
2.) Click CONNECT on the ETH TO BC box
3.) Type in how much DC you want to send to your BSC wallet and click CONFIRM

After sending your DC across, its time to redeem an NFT to duel with!
1.) Go to
2.) In the box on the left of the page titled “Key Inventory” click “Buy Key”
3.) Once you have a key, simply click on the floating lootbox in the middle of your screen to redeem your randomized NFT

Once you have redeemed your first NFT fighter, click on profile thru the website or go to

This is where you will…
- Change profile settings
- See your rank and duel history
- Select your defensive fighter
- See all of your NFTs and their stats

As briefly explained above, there are two ways to duel on the platform; Defensive and Offensive combat

To set a defensive position, select your defensive character in your pfofile.

Your defensive character is now set for when you are away from your computer.

1.) Click on “duel” thru the website
2.) Choose an NFT to battle with and confirm the transaction via MetaMask
3.) Look up one of the other players on the platform to request a duel

Remember! The XP boost will depend on how much higher/lower your opponents NFT level is…

Each Duel costs 20,000 DC.

In order to transfer DC from your wallet to the platform, go to and click the ADD MORE button.

NFTs battle against each other choosing 1 of 4 moves every round. Be careful which moves you choose, your attack might be blocked or your heal might be interrupted.

When a user acquires an NFT, the player sets it as the defender for their profile.

The higher the rank of your opponent, the more XP boost they will earn for battling the bigger enemy. In reverse, you will also get less of an XP boost for dueling lower level enemies…

At the end of each battle, both NFTs get XP, with a multiplier for the winner.

As an NFT levels up, their stats increase. Not only that, but now you earn BDT for every duel you win!

After leveling up your NFT fighters, you can then connect to BABYLONS NFT MARKETPLACE and sell them.

1.) Go to

And you’re all set! You can now use the Babylons marketplace to buy/sell/trade BlockDueler NFTs!


A varying percentage of monthly rewards is set for each tier. The more members in a tier, the less each member earns from the percentage.

This is where strategy comes into play! Now you have the freedom of choice to divide your BDT tokens into different staked tiers. It is in essence, a game within a game.

Make your own strategic choice:
1.) Value BDT and DC by splitting your stake to optimize token rewards
2.) Or value exclusive NFT’s by aiming for staking in the highest tier for the rarest NFT’s

1.) Gamer 1 buys 45 BDT for $200 a piece (9k USD) and gets into the ELITE TIER
2.) In 3 months, they have earned 5 BDT in rewards and can now upgrade to get into the LEGENDARY TIER (50 BDT staked)
3 .) They then stay in the LEGENDARY tier and get another 3 BDT in rewards before deciding to unstake three months later (as there are more members in this tier sharing the percentage of monthly rewards)
4.) They then get a 4% unstaking fee on the 53 BDT he has staked which is 2.12 BDT
5.) Lets say by this point BDT is now at $300, that means they will lose 2.12 BDT X 300$ = $636
6.) They then have 50.88 BDT x $300 = $15,264, but started off with 45 BDT (9k USD)
7.) Along the way they have also collected 6 Dueler NFT + 6 Elite NFT + 3 Legendary NFT

Take in mind, this example doesn’t take the DC and BDT rewards they have been airdropped during the six month time period.

Starting with the same investment of 9k USD, Gamer 2 could apply a “Token-first strategy”
1.) They decide to split their staked BDT into two wallets to get into the ELITE tier twice
2.) During the 6 months staked in the Elite tier (which is less crowded than the Legendary tier) they have earned 10 BDT
3.) They get a 4% unstaking fee on the 55 BDT staked which is 2.2 BDT
4.) Lets say by this point BDT is now at 300$, that means they will lose 2.2 BDT X $300 = $660
5.) They now have 52.8 BDT x $300 = $15,840, but started off with 45 BDT (9k USD)
7.) Along the way they also collected 9 Dueler NFT + 9 Elite NFTs
8.) Again, this doesn’t take the DC and BDT rewards they have been airdroped during the six month time period.

SO… Gamer 1 ends up with less BDT (and likely less DC) but 3 precious Legendary NFT’s!

Gamer 2 ends us with more BDT (and more DC) but more lower-rated NFT’s!

This is just the tip of the iceberg…