BlockDuelers: The Newest NFT Game in Blockchain

Block Duelers NFT BATTLES
4 min readJan 8, 2021

This article was written by Omar Abdelfattah, blockchain solutions architect and founder of Echelon Digital; a full service blockchain consulting firm. Omar is an advisor and business development manager for the BlockDuelers project.

What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are an exciting new technology that brings verifiable digital scarcity, as well as digital ownership and the possibility of asset interoperability across multiple blockchain platforms. The most popular use of NFTs right now is digital art and blockchain based games. This new NFT era is set to explode in the next few years, with billions of dollars to be made for both collectors and creators alike.

Crypto collectibles were the first use case of NFTs related to gaming, trading card games in particular. The most popular example is a game called Crypto Kitties. Some Crypto Kitties NFTs rose to a value of over $100,00 per collectible. This game utilized NFTs as collectible animated pets and has quickly expanded to other formats and will continue to do so as the popularity of this technology increases.

What is BlockDuelers?

BlockDuelers is the first decentralized finance project to create true utility for NFTs by utilizing an ever-evolving dueling platform with an integrated wager system to bet on the outcome of live duels. The battle platform attaches custom fighting stats to your favorite NFTs. As you fight and win duels, the stats of your duelers go up and game changing upgrades become available.

The Hall of Duelers is where you will stake your BlockDuelers ERC20 (BDT) Tokens and LP (liquidity providing) tokens. In return, you will receive dueler credits that will be used to redeem NFT duelers and eventually other items. These items will include things like powerful stat upgrades, hard hitting attacks, defensive tactics, and other fighter perks. Dueler Credits could potentially be used to gain entry into tournaments, elemental power training, and as credits for the gambling/wager feature.

Our NFTs will be designed and created by industry leading artist Jorden Oliwa a.k.a Johnny Gonzo. Eventually we will be partnering with other NFT projects to integrate NFTs from other platforms as well as other liquidity providers.

How does the game work?

After players create an account on our battle platform and connect their Ethereum wallet with their compatible NFTs, they will be able to duel other players with their NFTs. The first release of Block Duelers will introduce 3 tiers of fighters available to redeem and battle. Each tier will have different skill power levels and will initially include 3 skills: Attack, Heal, and Defend. Future development of the game will bring new skills, tier levels, power upgrades, new NFT fighters, and much more!

Each compatible NFT that is uploaded to the player’s account (via our custom dueling platform) will have a predetermined set of stats assigned to it. These stats will be decided by factors including, but not limited to, NFT rarity and tier level. These stats will follow the NFT throughout its Saga on our platform by using its UDA# (Unique Digital Asset #), no matter who owns the NFT.

As duelers gain experience and their NFT fighters grow in strength, there will be a need for legendary tournaments. Here, the best heroes and villains will duel it out for large cash prizes. Where various cryptocurrencies are accepted, these tournaments can also be wagered on by other people.

After Issue #1 is released with the key base features that we spoke about earlier, we will continue brainstorming, developing, and implementing new game-changing ideas into future versions.

We have a lengthy, ever-growing list of things we want to eventually incorporate into the project and business model, but we need to have the basics done in order to do so! We hope that you are as excited as we are to start this awesome adventure in NFTs, crypto, and gaming.

And we’re just getting started!


The total supply of “Block Duelers” (BDT) token is 50,000 BDT. We are currently pending a decision to burn some of the token supply

BDT is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum mainnet. Contract address is: 0x7bce667ef12023dc5f8577d015a2f09d99a5ef58

Current distribution of the BDT token is as follows:

Total Supply : 50,000 BDT

Team : 10,000 BDT

Marketing: 5,000 BDT

Sold: 7,683 BDT


All members of the BlockDuelers team are excited to bring this project into the blockchain and gaming space! Our current roadmap is as follows:

January: Development Begins, Application UX Designed, Initial NFTs Commissioned, Staking contracts completed (Followed by Uniswap Listing)

February: Smart Contract Development Completed, Dueling and Leveling System Completed, Community Governance System Completed, Security Review Completed

March: Founder NFTs Airdropped, Audit, Testing, and Beta Launch

Stay up to date

This week, Jorden Oliwa (Johnny Gonzo) started sketching rough drafts of our first in house NFT character concepts, we also started going over our NFT fighting stats and tier level designation for said NFT’s. Also, our smart contractors will start building the 3 core contracts for staking on January 11th and should be done within a week. We will then announce our Uniswap listing date.

Final Remarks

We will be keeping the community up to date on our developments on all of our social networking platforms and with bi-weekly medium articles. To keep up with us, follow us on any of our socials found on our website! We look forward to dueling with you!

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