Block Duelers NFT BATTLES
2 min readSep 29, 2021


Since the very beginning, our ever-evolving battle platform has brought real utility to NFT’s by assigning them stats, throwing them in an arena and letting them duel. Now that’s cool and all, but everyone could tell that something was missing…

That something is play to earn!

The team at Block Duelers is proud to announce, that after 9 months in development, we are finally transitioning to a play to earn economy! From now on, when winning an attack, on top of gaining xp, you will also earn 0.03 BDT!

There is still a dueling cost in DC, so the amount of games a Dueler can play in a day is determined by how much they are contributing to the ecosystem, mainly staking BDT and staking ETH/BDT and BUSD/BDT liquidity pool tokens.

We also increased the DC rewards, dueling and lootbox opening costs by four 0’s, to compensate for the millions of DC tokens community members are holding right now.

Please see the table of changes here:

1.) Increased cost to open a lootbox from 2500 DC to 25,000,000 DC
2.) Increased cost of duels to from 2 DC to 20,000 DC
3.) Increased DC earnings from 12 DC per day for each BDT staked to 300,000 DC
4.) Increased DC earnings from 2.5 DC per 1 BUSD/BDT LP to 120,0000
5.) Increased DC earnings from 120 DC per 0.1 ETH/BDT LP to 80,000

Notice how the BUSD/BDT LP token staking gives much higher rewards than it’s ETH counterpart (take into account that the ETH LP tokens are aprroximately 10 times more expensive $ wise, thus the 0.1). This is to incentivize providing liquidity on BSC, which is desperately needed, due to the ETH/BDT pool being locked until January. All in all, we encourage everyone to provide liquidity and play more games that way!

To the newcomers, before you get too excited to meet your match in the arena, you also need to own a NFT fighter to duel with. Purchase one from either Babylons ( or Unifty (

Have any questions?

Feel free to ask in the community telegram (, we have a lot of dedicated community members who will be more than happy to help you!

And to further celebrate this delightful event, we are going to launch a new lootbox filled with fresh and exciting NFT’s next month! So stay tuned, and don’t spend all your DC in one place, there’s more to come for those that are patient ;)

We go live October 2nd @ 1600 UTC