We will be starting our KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Series this Friday with a !

Our first two KOL fighters will be…

(+ followers) and (+ followers)

To see the full animation cards, you will have to wait until they are released into the loot box on ! Only 250 “” and “” NFT Mints will exist. This is a total of between + twitter followers…

For every new NFT that is introduced on the Block duelers platform, we will be showcasing the artist(s) involved. This Initiative will help monetize the Block Duelers artists, by showcasing a tiered level of NFT Sponsored Creations. We will start the showcase with our first tier of the initiative.


To read more about our current and future artists, please visit the following link…


This weeks sponsored artists are the very talented (INCOME SHARKS NFT), who is our resident NFT degen artist, and the amazing “One Man Army” himself, ! (CASTILLO NFT)


Tournament Structure

Each KOL will get to set their defense queue 5 times and also get to attack the other KOL 5 times.

Whoever wins the best of 10 duels will move on to fight our next influencer the following Friday!

In addition to the influencer battle series, we will also be doing a based on the top 10 people on the Block Duelers leaderboard!


The community has voiced its concerns with the current tokenomics of the Block Duelers ecosystem. We have taken these concerns into consideration and have decided to create a new structure to incentivize game-play, long-term staking/holding, play2earn via NFT stat building/trading and an in depth reward system to drive the ever changing platform!

Please take note that this is a current strategy under development and will take some fine tuning to be exactly where we want it. We have not set any percentages in stone in regards to the following tokenomics or fee structures.

To start off our new structure, we will be airdropping a percentage of the DC accumulated from people playing the game and redeeming NFTs, back to the community.

To sweeten the deal, we will be doing weekly/monthly give backs of BDT, DC and NFTs to all BDT

The amount of BDT airdropped will be determined by the following tiered system: 10 BDT, 25 BDT, 50 BDT and 100 BDT…the more you stake, the higher percentage you earn.

To celebrate this tiered system, we will be airdropping 3 special LOD series NFTS of Jorden Oliwas first 3 NFT fighters; Gwei, Bitbarian and Monera. We will also be airdropping a special edition “Dottie the Hottie” Robert Valleys. More info on these airdrops to come shortly!

To start off we will be dropping the new special Gwei this week, to LOD members on . Thanks you to our LOD to staying patient, we hope you enjoy these rewards!

Up next will be the Gwei airdrop for those who staked 10+ BDT or 1+ LP from February 25th to March 25th. Stay tuned for more details!

The next 4 NFT fighters from Jorden will be Tethers, XRP Ninja, Doge Dueler and Linkzilla (Evolution Series).

As if tripling BDT staking wasn’t enough, now you can buy 2.5x more games with your DC! This will make the game more accessible for newcomers and for those staking few BDT. The leader-board just opened up. Will you be joining the top 10? Or will the current leaders hold their ground?

Obvious changes to the staking/unstaking fees, cost of game-play/NFT redemption’s and also changes to DC accumulation, via staking are much needed.

In order to bring BDT staking rewards more in line with LP staking rewards, we are the DC rewards for BDT stakers to 12 DC (from 4 DC) per BDT a day. LP staking will remain the same and provides about 25% more DC per day, per BDT! Now a single staked BDT will earn enough DC for six duels per day.

Want to skip the wait and buy an NFT Dueler now?

  1. Visit: https://unifty.io/blockduelers/
  2. Add the BSC/UNIFTY Network to your MetaMask wallet (you can just change the rpc address if you’ve already configured the BSC connection). Please use one of the following Unifty RPC nodes:
  3. Add the collection address under the WALLET tab to view your NFTs
    Collection address: 0xFeD1282e79e0241D4BEFD951c0Ca38DEf3cB38Cd

Starting soon, Block Duelers will be hosting a weekly and monthly challenge for all players and community members to complete. To be eligible for the rewards, each challenge will require the player to accomplish certain in-game, NFT-based, or other goals within the Block Duelers ecosystem. Please stay tuned for more information on this in the near future!

In order to payout all of these rewards to the users of our ecosystem, we will have to increase all staking and unstaking fees on ETH and BSC. This is necessary to keep the incentives flowing, to reward longtime holders and to ensure the platform continues to thrive.

To make everyone feel a bit more comfortable about the fee changes, we will use 300 of our marketing BDT ($36,000 current value) as a reward bonus for the first 3 months!

In order to continue the growth of the ecosystem and to incentivize long-term holding, we will use a percentage of the accumulated DC in order to buy back BDT and put it our our war chest for further airdrops to stakers/holders/players.

We will start to sell “UNIFTY ONLY NFT SALES”. These NFTs will only be available on Unifty and will only be able to be purchased with BDT. A percentage of all BDT earned will go back to BDT holders/stakers.

Our focus is increasing the value of BDT for investors and increasing incentive for stakers, dueling and pulling LootBoxes. We’re searching for the perfect balance to make it easy to get started dueling without a lot of capital, rewarding those staking BDT, and increasing the incentive to duel. We’re running tests on the various proposals and we would like to find the best solution for our investors and Duelers. The details will be released when finalized.

We appreciate all of your patience as we take our time to think this through and not rush the process. We believe that we had a very successful MVP launch and have built a platform on which an empire will be built upon.

Block Duelers

Visit our website : www.blockduelers.io

Join us on Telegram : https://t.me/BlockDuelers

Follow us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Blockduelers



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